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Organic Mexico Chiapas, Blonde Roast, 12 OZ.

Organic Mexico Chiapas, Blonde Roast, 12 OZ.

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Located along the Highlands of Chiapas Mexico grows a variety of complex Arabica with characteristics of rich, balanced chocolate undertones. Naturally shaded by the lush forest canopy that blankets the Sierra Madre de Chiapas Mountains our Blonde roast yields a mellow and balanced coffee reminiscent of red apple and roasted almond.

Roast:  Blonde 

Region:  Chiapas, Mexico

Elevation:  1250-1750 meters

Cupping Profile:   Chocolate | Red Apple | Roasted Almond

Ingredients:  100% USDA Certified Organic beans 

Lost Pines Coffee contains only high quality organic Arabica coffee beans with no additives or allergens.  Our coffee is grown free of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. 

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